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Volumetric Concrete Mixer Truck

Volumetric concrete supply mixer truck arrow concrete pumping yorkshire
Volumetric concrete supply mixer truck arrow concrete pumping yorkshire
Volumetric concrete supply mixer truck arrow concrete pumping yorkshire

Here at Arrow Concrete Supply Leeds, we now provide a reliable concrete supply with our brand new Volumetric concrete mixer hire service across Yorkshire. Our team offers the best quality concrete supply that West Yorkshire has to offer.

Whether you only require a smaller 2m³ area for ready mix concrete supply or alternatively a much larger concrete supplying capacity of 10m³ we are right here to help you. You may rest assured that we can get concrete delivered to you fast and efficiently.

If you would like to get in touch about Volumetric concrete supply to you in the Yorkshire area, please call us and let us know your supplying of ready-mix concrete requirements on 07477481003 and we will ensure that you find an option and cost-effective way that is best suited for you.

Volumetric concrete mixers are well established as an integral part of the concrete supply chain. Being a Volumetric Concrete supplier is an extremely convenient and cost-effective method of getting ready-mix concrete to where we need it to be for all of our customers. It heavily reduces the mess on their site and removes the need and cost for the removal of any excess waste of concrete after using us.

Concrete Supply Services & Volumetric Mixing

If you require a professional, affordable volumetric concrete supply, simply get in touch with us at Arrow Concrete Supply today!

Superior Volumetric concrete delivery straight to your site
Great solution for ordering a specific amount of concrete
We also pump concrete through, round and over buildings
Pumping supply can transport concrete up to 150 meters
Making concrete delivery quicker, cleaner & safer

Slabs, Square Footings, or Walls

thickness or height

Hole, Column, or Round Footings

depth or height

Circular Slab or Tube

outer diameter
inner diameter
length or height

Volumetric Concrete Mixer Truck FAQ

What is a Volumetric Mixer?

A volumetric concrete mixer is basically a mobile truck mixer and concrete batching plant all rolled into one. All the materials are stored within separate compartments and are then metered and mixed into fresh concrete when and where it is needed. This means there is no expensive waste of materials, as the unmixed product remains useable indefinitely. Our volumetric concrete mixer has a range of sizes from our high capacity 10m³ unit down to smaller and modest 2m³ units and is available along with a vast range of options to complement our market-leading mixing equipment, ensuring that any type of concrete specification can be met. It also comes equipped with many standard items that would only be supplied as extras with other volumetric concrete mixers.

How does a Volumetric Concrete Mixer work?

Manufactured for maximum working life, our Armcon mixer is built with sturdy components, ensuring that the mixer does its job with minimum downtime. A volumetric concrete mixer truck has a patented removable cassette conveyor assembly, allowing the user to quickly and easily change the conveyor belt system. Volumetric Concrete Mixer trucks are fitted with a unique load sensing variable displacement hydraulic system, which scales to higher and lower levels of output based on how much you need is called for by the system. Therefore if a part is not in use it will not be pressurised. This ensures wear parts will last twice as long whilst measure specific amounts of concrete.

Is Volumetric Concreting expensive?

Don’t let costs mount up by estimating quantities and getting it wrong, ask us about volumetric concrete and we will arrange the right mix and exact quantity you need. Our team at Arrow Concrete Pumping pride themselves on being experienced concrete professionals and can quickly estimate the amount of concrete required for a project, giving you peace of mind that you are not ordering too much or too little. We also have a handy calculator for concrete supply on this page. Once estimated, we would then mix the concrete to the highest quality to ensure a finish of the most exceptional standard, whether we are working on a large commercial task or a smaller, domestic one.
Concrete Pumping Services

Concrete Pumping Services

A ground line pump will transport concrete up to 150 meters along the ground. Our specialists will help you choose the most suitable pump hire contract for your needs, assessing how much concrete you will be pumping and the distance you will require the pump to reach before we arrive.
Concrete Laying Services

Concrete Laying Services

You will never pay for more than you need. Our team of professionals have the skills and experience necessary to consistently deliver high class results, and our cost-effective methods mean that our prices are always competitively low for laying concrete on the project.
Concrete Finishing Services

Concrete Finishing Services

Concrete floors are widely installed and finished across both domestic and commercial builds – whether to create a robust floor for a large commercial building, capable of withstanding industrial equipment and heavy traffic, from creating a solid base for under-floor heating in a domestic kitchen to finished patterns on your driveway.

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